post op

Ok, So It's been since December 22nd since I have had my surgery and I am not happy. the first month I was thrilled with the results and then the swelling just blew up and never went down. I haven't gained any weight. I was a 32DDDD. After the surgery, I was a 32c. And now, not even 3 months later, I am a 32DD (almost DDD). I don't have these scars so that I still can't buy a normal shirt. the dr wants me to come in and see him if I have a problem, but my health insurance is up so I can't. I think that they are going to tell me that they need to do it again for some reason...

Has anyone else experienced this. At first they would tell me the swelling would go down, but with my recent phone call, they insisted that I come in.

I need to know if I need to sue. Also, an inch long stitch poked through yesterday and scared me. I got the surgery through Kaiser, a well known facility. But I don't think this is right.